A football match | English essay writing

Last Sunday I witnessed a football match. it was a friendly match. it was played at the local Nehru stadium. It was played between our school team and S.D. School team. Shri Kapur Singh acted as the referee.

the referee blew his whistle on time. both the teams entered the ground. There was a toss. After the loss, the match started. it was an interesting match. Both the teams played well. So no team was able to score even one goal in the first half.

the match started again after the interval. it became more interesting. The players of both teams played well. They gave short passes to their fellow players. Thus the match went on. Suddenly our captain got the ball. By giving and taking short passes he took the ball forward and scored a goal. Soon the match came to an end. We won the match by one goal to nil. We were very happy.

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