Short paragraph on A Train Accident scene | English essays

I was going to Delhi by the mail train. It was a dark and cold night. The train was running fast. Bansko is a very small station. A long goods train was standing there. The lines of the mail train were not changed. The result was a serious accident. The mail train had run into the good train. The engine and many bogies were overturned. Other bogies were derailed and fell down. Only the last two bogies were safe. Fortunately, I was in the last bogie. We came out. We thanked God. After some time, some villagers came there. They informed the authorities. The injured were taken to nearby hospitals. Arrangements were made for the dead bodies. Alternate arrangements were made for the standard passengers. The railway authorities announced an exgratia help of 5 lac rupees to the nearest kin of the dead and free-of-cost treatment of the injured. Thus, it was a heart-rending accident.

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