An Act of Terrorism in Rajasthan | English essays

Terrorism has spread its gored claws up to Rajasthan. The serial bomb blasts in Jaipur are the burning proof of an act of Terrorism in Rajasthan. On the day of the serial bomb blast, I was near the temple of ‘Shri Hanumanji Maharaj at Sanganeri gate. Suddenly, there happened a powerful blast. People were panic-stricken. They started running for a safer place. I saw some dead bodies lying on the road. There was blood all around. For some moment, the atmosphere was smoky. I, too, was fearful. By God’s grace, I was a little distant from the blast site. After some time the police reached there. The police personnel sent the wounded and the dead to the SMS hospital and cordoned off the area. I can’t forget this incident.

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