An essay on a journey by train | English essay writing

Last Sunday I had a chance to go to Delhi. I went there with my uncle. We went there by train.

we reached the railway station in time. There was a long queue at the booking office. In my turn, I bought two tickets for Delhi. Then we went to the platform. It was alive with a large number of men, women, and children. All looked in a hurry.

soon the train reached there. A lot of passengers got into, and down, the train. We too got into it. Luckily my seat was by a window. After a few minutes, the train started. I busied myself looking out of the window.

the green fields were looking like big green carpets. In some places, farmers were at work. Cattle were grazing here and there. Near sample, some naughty boys threw a small piece of stone at the train. But luckily none was hurt. It was a mail train. It was running at a high speed. Dust particles were flying into the compartment. So I had to shut the window.

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