An essay on a scene at a bus stand | English essay writing

During the last summer vacation, a friend of mine came to my village. He stayed with me. He spent a week in the village. He went back to Hissar by bus. I went to the bus stand to see him off.

It was very hot. Even then the bus stand was alive with a large number of men, women, and children. Most of them were waiting for buses eagerly. Buses were coming in and going out. Some people were coming in. Others were going out. Some people were talking. Others were reading newspapers or books. Here and there some babies were crying. Some hawkers and coolies were also there at the bus stand. There were long queues at the booking office.

Soon a bus bound for Hissar came. My friend quickly got into it. After about five minutes it left for Hissar. I, too, came out of the bus stand and left for home.

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