An essay on a visit to a big city | English essay writing

Ours is an ancient country. It has been the rise and fall of many kingdoms and empires. There are a large number of historical places in our country. We can have a glimpse of our glorious past by visiting the historical places of our country. Every year thousands of men, women, and children come to Delhi to see important historical buildings in the city.

Last month I had a chance to go to Delhi. My uncle lives there in Trinagar. I spent a week in Delhi. I stayed with my uncle. He has two sons. One of them is my age. His name is rishi.

Delhi is an old city. There are many historical buildings in and around it. One day rishi and I went to see the red fort.

It was Sunday. A large number of men, women, and children were there. Most of them were in their best clothes. The entry was by tickets. We bought our tickets and entered the main gate.

We spend nearly three hours. inside the fort. We saw the Diwan-i-Aam, Diwan-i-Khas, the rang mahal, and the museum. Soon we felt tired. So we came out and left for Trinagar in a taxi.

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