An essay on a visit to a hill station | English essay writing

Hills are cooler than plains. So in summer rich people go to hill stations to get rid of the sweltering heat of the summer months. During the last summer vacation I, too, had a chance to go to a hill station.

It was the month of June. The sun shone brightly all through the day. Hot winds blew day and night. Our school was closed for the summer vacation. I was free. A friend of mine was going to Shimla. He asked me to accompany him. Father allowed me to go with him. We went to Shimla by bus.

The weather in and around Shimla was very pleasant. There were no hot winds. There were no dust storms. We spent three weeks in Shimla. We stayed with my friend’s uncle.

During our stay in Shimla, we visited a lot of places. We visited Jakho, Mashobara, summer hill, Tara Devi, and the mall.

We had a good time there.

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