An essay on a visit to a zoo | English essay writing

Last Sunday my father took me to the zoo. It is situated near the old fort. The zoo is divided into different sections. There are a large number of various kinds of birds, animals, and reptiles.

First of all, we saw some water birds. We saw some ducks, swans, cranes, and herons. We saw some tortoises and crocodiles too.

Next, we went to the birds, section. There we saw pigeons, parrots, peacocks, and many other birds. They were of many kinds and colors. They looked very lovely.

Then we went to the animals, section. We saw a lion and two tigers. We saw some zebras and giraffes. We saw some camels and deer. We saw an elephant. We saw many kinds of monkeys and a bear, too.

In the end, we saw some snakes. They were in glass cages. They looked dreadful.

We had a good time at the zoo.

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