An essay on Disaster Caused by Flood | English essays

Recently there had been a devastating flood in our state. It caused a great loss of human lives, cattle heads, property, and wealth. Water was seen as if it were covering the whole earth. Water entered the houses and straw huts were totally wiped off. People took shelter wherever they could find a place. I live in a village. The whole village was dipped in water. Houses collapsed. Telegraph and telephone poles fell down. Some people had to take shelter in trees. People climbed the rooftops of their houses. People were faced with a difficult situation. Life was precious but the loss of cattle, goods, and property was also very painful. After a couple of days, the water subsided. Articles brought by Flood water lay scattered. The loss of life and property was great. Homeless people were given food, clothes, and medicines. The government provided every possible help to the victims.

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