An essay on my favorite teacher | our headmaster (principal)

There are thirty teachers in our school. I respect them all. I like them all. But I like Shri Vinod Kapoor the most. He is my favorite teacher. He is the headmaster (principal) of the school. He teaches us English. He is a master of his subject. He is an M.A., B.Ed.

he is about forty years old. He is quite healthy. He puts on simple but clean clothes. He gets up early in the morning. he takes exercises daily. He takes a bath daily. He takes part in games. He is a good speaker. He is a good writer also. He is polite to all.

he is a hard-working man. He goes to school on time. He never leaves school on time. He loves us, students. He respects his the fellow-teachers. He keeps discipline in school. He is a good teacher. He is a good head also. May he live long!

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