An essay on picnic | English essay writing

On Sunday last I and some friends of mine went for a picnic we went on bicycles. We went to the main canal. it is about two kilometers west of our village. We had already made all arrangements for the picnic.

the weather was very pleasant that day. The sky was cloudy. A cool breeze was blowing. The atmosphere was somewhat cold. It looked like rain.

we left our bicycles under a big tree. We spread a big carpet on the bank of the canal. We sat on it and played cards for some time. We sang songs. Raju is a good dancer. He danced for us. we enjoyed the dance very much. After the dance, we took off our clothes and played kabaddi for about an hour. Then we jumped into the canal. We enjoyed swimming for some time. In the end, we had lunch.

we enjoyed the picnic very much.

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