An essay on Road Accidents | English essays

The other day, I was going from Jaipur to Kota via tonk by a roadways Delux bus. I saw a jeep overloaded with passengers crossing the bus on which I was traveling. After a while, I saw that the jeep rammed into a truck. The bus driver halted the bus near the accident site. I, with other passengers, alighted from the bus. What a heart-rending scene it was! The life had been converted into dead bodies. Not a single was alive. Body organs were lying here and there. The hot blood was flowing. The road had become red with blood. The bus driver informed the nearby police station. The police immediately reached there. They registered the statements of the witnesses. After all formalities, the dead bodies were taken to tonk for postmortem and then handed over to the kinsmen. Thus, road accidents are dangerous.

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