An essay on the policeman | English essay writing

Mr. Ashok Kumar is a policeman. He lives in our street. He is about forty years old. He has four sons and two daughters. His parents also live with him. He is very polite. He is very gentle. We like him very much.

The policeman is a useful public servant. He puts on a khaki uniform. He wears a cap also. There is a red band on his cap. He ties a belt around his waist. He has a baton in his hand. He has a whistle in one of his pockets.

He has many duties to do. He controls the traffic on roads. He keeps watching bad people. His chief duty is to maintain law and order. Thus his duty is very hard. But his pay is very small. Some policemen accept bribes. But all policemen are not bad. We must respect the policeman.

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