An essay on village fair | English essay writing

There is a small forest near our village. It is west of the village. There is a big temple of lord Shiva in it. Every year a big fair is held there on shivaratri. It is held in the month of July or August. I never fail to visit the fair.

Last year I visited the fair with some of my friends.we went on foot. The sun had just risen. The weather was very was blowing cold. Men, women and children were coming from, and going to, the fair. The women and the children were in their best clothes. Soon we reached the fair ground.

hundreds of shops were there in the fair . They were well decorated. There was a great rush at the shops. Sweets and toys were in great demand. Some children were enjoying a ride on a merry-go-round. Some women were singing group-songs. A magician was showing his tricks in a corner of the fair.

We spent the whole day in the fair. We had a good time there.

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