Short paragraph on Harmful effects of Polythene bags on cattle

Animals are affected mostly by the polythene bags thrown carelessly here and there. We can see the animals, especially cows, around the rubbish dump eating the garbage. They eat waste food lying there. They also eat polythene bags unknowingly. Polythene bags form a lining in their stomach. Sometimes these choke the respiratory system of the … Read more

Short paragraph on Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting is the crying need of the day. It is said that if the third world war is to be fought, it will be fought for water. A huge quantity of rainwater goes down the drain every year. Every home, every village, and every city should have a rainwater harvesting system. Rainwater that comes … Read more

Short paragraph on Clean India Mission in English

Prime minister Narendra Modi, commenced the ‘Clean India Mission’ on Gandhi jayanti in 2014. From 26 September to 2 October, this mission was undertaken as ‘Panchayat week’. Under this mission India is to be made clean and dirt-free by 2 October 2019, the 150th Gandhi jayanti. Every citizen must devote two hours a week to … Read more

Short paragraph on Female Foeticide

A girl child in India is religiously given the place of a goddess. Why then has it become essential to launch a social or political drive against female Foeticide? Why is the gap in the men-women ratio widening year after year? Obviously, conservative tradition, modern machines for diagnosis, government inactions, women’s dependence, educational backwardness, etc. … Read more

Essay on beti bachao beti padhao in english

India is a male-dominated society. Boys are given importance in comparison to girls. Less attention is given to the career and education of girls. Nowadays cases of female infanticide are seen. The government and society are trying to improve this situation. The govt. of India launched the ‘Beti Bachao Beti Padhao’ scheme recently on 22nd … Read more

Short paragraph on how to Make Omelette

Making an omelette isn’t a difficult process. At first, fresh eggs are taken. Then, these are broken into basins. After that, these are beaten well. Then, salt and pepper, according to the taste, are added. Some fine pieces of onion, ginger and green chillies are also added. Afterwards, some butter is put into a pan. … Read more

Short paragraph on how to Get A Railway Reservation

to get a railway reservation is becoming easier day by day. First of all, we should present ourselves at the railway reservation office. Then, a railway reservation form is taken. It is made available free of cost. Afterward, this form is filled up giving the name of the passengers. Their age, date of journey, name, … Read more

Short paragraph on how to Prepare Tea

To prepare tea is an easy job. First of all, the needed material and utensils are collected. Next, a kettle is taken and water is pour into it after that, it is placed on the gas stove and boiled. Afterwards, tea-leaves are put into it. When the water becomes black, sugar is mixed into it. … Read more

short paragraph on how to Plant A Sapling

To plant a sapling is somehow a technical job. First, dig out a two feet deep and one-foot round hole in the ground. Then, give treatment to the soil. Mix anti-termite and anti-insect pesticides in moderate quantities in the soil. Leave it as it is for a few hours. Then, take a trowel and upturn … Read more

short paragraph on how to Send A Money Order

to send a money order, first of all, I procured a form. It required the following pieces of information—- sender’s name and address, the receiver’s name and address, the amount to be sent, the postal commission, A short message, the sender’s signature, etc. This form was duly filled up by me. Then, I went to … Read more

short paragraph on how to Get A Driving License Issued

To get a driving license issued, first of all, a person is to buy a form meant for this purpose. This form is duly filled up with the help of the road signal booklet given with the form. Attested copies (one each) for the residential and the identity proof are to be attached to the … Read more

Essay on How to issue a bus pass | English essays

To get a Bus-Pass Issued, first of all, one should reach the Roadways office. Then, the form for issuing the Bus-Pass is bought. After that, this form is to be filled up. It has the columns of name, father’s name, home address, from…….to…….type of Bus-Pass (monthly/quarterly/half-yearly/annual), Amount paid, a bus pass for student/professional/individual/group (attach proof), … Read more

Essay on how to Admission In A School | English essays

After passing the secondary examination, I went to seek admission to a school. First of all, I bought an ‘Admission From’. After that, I filled it up. There were columns of name, father’s name, home/postal address, and mobile nos. Marks Obtained in the previous class, name of the faculty in which admission has been sought, … Read more