Essay on Hazards of Environmental Pollution

There are three kinds of pollution–air pollution, noise pollution, and water pollution. Chimneys of mills and factories and vehicles throw out smoke that causes air Pollution. We inhale (breathe) polluted air. The result is that we get lung diseases, headaches, and other diseases.

Waste material and rubbish are thrown into the rivers. Sometimes dead bodies of men and animals are thrown into rivers. The water is polluted. Harmful germs are there. We drink polluted water and get any disease.

The noise of machinery and vehicles like cars, buses, and trucks is mixed with the environment. It is called noise pollution. It is also dangerous. It affects our ears and mind. A man may become dead or hard of hearing.

The problem of pollution is a serious problem. We should check it. There should be planned industrialization. We should plant more and more trees.

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