Essay on How to issue a bus pass | English essays

To get a Bus-Pass Issued, first of all, one should reach the Roadways office. Then, the form for issuing the Bus-Pass is bought. After that, this form is to be filled up. It has the columns of name, father’s name, home address, from…….to…….type of Bus-Pass (monthly/quarterly/half-yearly/annual), Amount paid, a bus pass for student/professional/individual/group (attach proof), etc. Next, the necessary documents are attached. Afterward, the stipulated amount is to be deposited at the cash counter. Then, the form and the cash receipt are submitted to the Bus-Pass issuing clerk. Then, these are checked and BusPass is prepared. Then, the authorized officer put his sign and seal on the photo and in the decided column. Finally, it is handed over to the concerned person.

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