Short essay on Science A Blessing or a Curse

Science is a blessing. Science has given legs to the lame and eyes to the blind. X-ray has done much in finding out many diseases. Vaccination has almost rooted out smallpox, cholera, etc. Plastic surgery is the latest development in surgery. Now germs die, and men live. Today man can live a longer and healthier life. Science has conquered time and space. Now man flies in the sky like a bird and swims in oceans like a fish. Ships, airplanes, trains, and motors have been invented. Electricity is another wonder. In the field of industrial machines are very important. Cinemas, radios, transistors, and televisions give us recreation. Computers and robots are wonders. Man has reached the moon.

science has given birth to many evils. It has invented various war weapons. Atom and hydrogen bombs, rockets, and missiles are examples. Science has shaken our faith in God and religion. Science has given us wealth but not happiness.

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