Short paragraph on A Morning Walk

A Morning Walk is the best exercise. It is a natural tonic. It is a light exercise. It is equally good for the old and the young. It is easy but valuable. It refreshes our minds and makes us smart. We get into the habit of early rising.

Nature is full of peace and beauty. We come into close touch with nature. The air is cool and pleasant. We see that birds are singing. We forget our worries. Noble (good) ideas come to our minds. We are not in a hurry and walk slowly. We feel that God is really a big artist. We get free fresh air (oxygen). It makes our lungs and heart strong and keeps illness away.

After some time, the sky begins to become red in the east. It shows that the sun is about to rise. Looking at the rising sun improves our eyesight. In short, we can say that the morning walk is a boon.

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