Short paragraph on Rising Prices of essential commodities

Rising prices are a nightmare for the common people. Prices of essential commodities like wheat, rice, pulses, edible oils, soaps, milk, eggs, vegetables, and fruits have soared so high that people of average means find it extremely difficult to live within their means. People living below the poverty line find it almost impossible to make ends meet. The government is doing its best to check the unprecedented rise in prices by opening fair-price shops in rural areas and thus providing the weaker sections of society with all the essential commodities at subsidized prices. Still, the rise in prices goes unabated. Profiteering and hoarding are rampant in our country. Traders create an artificial scarcity. Their only motive is to get maximum profit by fair means or foul and so they try to fleece the customers in all sorts of undesirable ways. So traders are mainly responsible for the abnormal rise in prices.

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