Short paragraph on how to Make Omelette

Making an omelette isn’t a difficult process. At first, fresh eggs are taken. Then, these are broken into basins. After that, these are beaten well. Then, salt and pepper, according to the taste, are added. Some fine pieces of onion, ginger and green chillies are also added. Afterwards, some butter is put into a pan. … Read more

Short paragraph on how to Prepare Tea

To prepare tea is an easy job. First of all, the needed material and utensils are collected. Next, a kettle is taken and water is pour into it after that, it is placed on the gas stove and boiled. Afterwards, tea-leaves are put into it. When the water becomes black, sugar is mixed into it. … Read more

short paragraph on how to Plant A Sapling

To plant a sapling is somehow a technical job. First, dig out a two feet deep and one-foot round hole in the ground. Then, give treatment to the soil. Mix anti-termite and anti-insect pesticides in moderate quantities in the soil. Leave it as it is for a few hours. Then, take a trowel and upturn … Read more

short paragraph on how to Send A Money Order

to send a money order, first of all, I procured a form. It required the following pieces of information—- sender’s name and address, the receiver’s name and address, the amount to be sent, the postal commission, A short message, the sender’s signature, etc. This form was duly filled up by me. Then, I went to … Read more

short paragraph on how to Get A Driving License Issued

To get a driving license issued, first of all, a person is to buy a form meant for this purpose. This form is duly filled up with the help of the road signal booklet given with the form. Attested copies (one each) for the residential and the identity proof are to be attached to the … Read more

Short paragraph on A Train Accident scene | English essays

I was going to Delhi by the mail train. It was a dark and cold night. The train was running fast. Bansko is a very small station. A long goods train was standing there. The lines of the mail train were not changed. The result was a serious accident. The mail train had run into … Read more

An essay on the annual day function | English essay writing

Last Friday we celebrated ‘The Annual Day Function’ in our school. The function was at 4 p.m. the school hall was decorated with colored paper flags and balloons. We reached the school at 3.30 p.m. the principal, the teachers, and the students were in fine dress. There was a big gathering. The collector was the … Read more

An essay on sports day at my school | English essay writing

Games and sports are very important in life of everyone. Games and sports have become an important part of the school timetable. Our school conducts activities of games and sports regularly. A physical training instructor supervises these activities. Our school celebrates a sports day every year. On this day, competitions in all important games and … Read more

An essay visit to a book exhibition | English essay writing

Last Sunday I went with my friends to see a book exhibition in my town. We reached there. There was a long queue before the booking window. We purchased tickets and entered the exhibition ground. There were many stalls. Many publishers of repute participated. Books almost on all subjects were displayed. There was a separate … Read more

The essay on the first day of my annual examination | English essay writing

The annual examination is the stepping-stone to the next class. In March 2016 I appeared for the secondary examination. I reached the school in time. Many students were standing here and there. There was a seating chart on the noticeboard. We found our seats. A bell rang. Two teachers came. They distributed the answer books … Read more

An Educational Tour essay in 150 words | English essay writing

An Educational Tour (historical tour) is a part of our practical education. The Diwali vacation was near. We decided to go on an Educational Tour. We wanted to visit Jaipur, Agra, and Delhi. The headmaster of our school allowed us to go. Two teachers also went with us. We hired a bus. First of all, … Read more

An essay on Rainy Day | English essay writing

A rainy day is a day of hustle-bustle for the beings of this blue planet. Territorial and aquatic beings swing into action. The weather becomes pleasant. People go for outings for fun and frolic. Faces of farmers glow if the rain is favorable or become gloomy if it is otherwise. Passengers may find themselves stranded … Read more

Essay on Career Day in school within 100-150 words | English essay writing

career day is highly useful for students. It is celebrated on Jan. 12, every year. Students are equipped with the information of professional and academic fields available to them. After the morning assembly, teachers of arts, commerce, science, agriculture, physical education, etc. inform the students about the opportunities and courses available in these fields. Then, … Read more