Computer Education is the Need of The Present time

The present time can be called the time of computers. It has become a mandatory thing in our life. Today, everyone requires to know how to use a computer. So, computer Education is essential for all. Without knowing computers, a person seems to be uneducated. The computer has touched every field of our life. Thus, … Read more

Short paragraph on the Challenges Confronting Free India

There are many challenges confronting free India. The biggest challenge is posed by overpopulation. Despite all efforts of the government to contain the rate of population increase, things are where they were. The fast-increasing population has put tremendous pressure on our meager resources. Extra demand for land is being met by clearing forests which is … Read more

Short paragraph on Be Indian, Buy Indian

It is a slogan for the use of Swadeshi goods. It excites people to boycott the use of foreign goods. The use of foreign goods puts adverse effects on the economy of our country. Gandhiji also disliked the use of foreign goods in India. He started a campaign for the Indians to wear khadi clothes. … Read more

Short paragraph on Demerits of Deforestation

life is not possible on the earth without forests. Trees give us oxygen to breathe in. No living being can exist on earth without oxygen. If there were no forest, the whole earth would be polluted. Industries get many useful things from the forests. The destruction of forests makes their supply impossible. Carbon dioxide destroy … Read more

Short paragraph on India : A Living Example of unity in Diversity

People of different castes, faiths, languages, and colors live in India. A person from the north cannot understand the language of the south. The physical structure of a person from the western part of the country is completely different from the person from the eastern part of the nation. People of diverse faiths live in … Read more

Short paragraph on India and the Spirit of Tolerance

India has been the motherland of mankind from time immemorial. It is also the homeland of many religions. Hindus, Muslims, Christmas, and Jews all have been living together in this country for hundreds of years. This could not have been possible if the people of this country had not been tolerant of the followers of … Read more

Short paragraph on how to Develop Scientific Temper Among students

The future of a nation depends on the scientific temper of its new generation. The new generation is going to shoulder the responsibilities of the old very soon. The young should know that the universe follows the rules of nature. We have to discover these rules. Such discoveries give us great power. Man has made … Read more

short paragraph on How to Keep Fit and Free From Disease

It is a well Known saying-”health is Wealth ”. A person can keep himself fit and free from diseases, if he follows certain rules and regular daily routine. He should get up early in the morning and go for a walk in the open air. He should take some light exercise. He should take fresh … Read more

The Heroes of the Indian Freedom struggle

The Heroes of the Indian freedom struggle can be divided into two obvious categories. Those who struggled for freedom by using constitutional methods and those who favored direct action including revolutionary outrages. In the former category, we can put Gopal Krishan Gokhale, Gandhi, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru etc. In the latter category, … Read more

Short paragraph on the Role of Youth in Nation Building

Children are little mature to do much good for the nation. The old persons are physically weak enough to take an active part in the building of the nation. So it is only the youth of the country that can contribute a lot of good to the nation. The role of Youth in Nation Building … Read more

Short paragraph on the value of time

There is nothing as valuable as time. We should not waste our time. If you waste your time, time will waste you. Time once lost is lost forever. Money spent can be earned again probably with interest. Almost everything in the world can be purchased, but time lost can’t be purchased. As each second ticks … Read more

Short essay on Science A Blessing or a Curse

Science is a blessing. Science has given legs to the lame and eyes to the blind. X-ray has done much in finding out many diseases. Vaccination has almost rooted out smallpox, cholera, etc. Plastic surgery is the latest development in surgery. Now germs die, and men live. Today man can live a longer and healthier … Read more

Short essay on indian society and the status of women

In free India, women cannot be kept as sheer domestic servants. They have to play a vital role in the development of the country. That is why more and more girls are getting an education. No distinction is now made in the matters of education between boys and girls. Education is bound to give them … Read more

Short essay on Rajasthan: A Tourist Paradise

The Rich Rajpoot history of Rajasthan has given to this state a large number of forts, palaces, lakes, animal – reserves, Havelis, paintings, sculptures, and architectural wonders. The state capital, Jaipur, has the Amer fort, the Nahar Garh Fort, the Hawa Mahal, the city palace, the Jantar-Mantar, and the Albert Museum. Similarly, the worth visiting … Read more

Short paragraph on Rising Prices of essential commodities

Rising prices are a nightmare for the common people. Prices of essential commodities like wheat, rice, pulses, edible oils, soaps, milk, eggs, vegetables, and fruits have soared so high that people of average means find it extremely difficult to live within their means. People living below the poverty line find it almost impossible to make … Read more

Short paragraph on smoking is injurious to health

People are very fond of smoking without realizing that it is injurious to health. That is why the Government has banned smoking in buses, trams, and trains as well as in offices and public places. You must remember two things: First, someone said, “A cigarette is a tobacco rolled in paper with smoke at one … Read more

Short paragraph on Harmful effects of Polythene bags on cattle

Animals are affected mostly by the polythene bags thrown carelessly here and there. We can see the animals, especially cows, around the rubbish dump eating the garbage. They eat waste food lying there. They also eat polythene bags unknowingly. Polythene bags form a lining in their stomach. Sometimes these choke the respiratory system of the … Read more

Short paragraph on Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting is the crying need of the day. It is said that if the third world war is to be fought, it will be fought for water. A huge quantity of rainwater goes down the drain every year. Every home, every village, and every city should have a rainwater harvesting system. Rainwater that comes … Read more