Short paragraph on how to Make Omelette

Making an omelette isn’t a difficult process. At first, fresh eggs are taken. Then, these are broken into basins. After that, these are beaten well. Then, salt and pepper, according to the taste, are added. Some fine pieces of onion, ginger and green chillies are also added. Afterwards, some butter is put into a pan. … Read more

Short paragraph on how to Get A Railway Reservation

to get a railway reservation is becoming easier day by day. First of all, we should present ourselves at the railway reservation office. Then, a railway reservation form is taken. It is made available free of cost. Afterward, this form is filled up giving the name of the passengers. Their age, date of journey, name, … Read more

short paragraph on how to Plant A Sapling

To plant a sapling is somehow a technical job. First, dig out a two feet deep and one-foot round hole in the ground. Then, give treatment to the soil. Mix anti-termite and anti-insect pesticides in moderate quantities in the soil. Leave it as it is for a few hours. Then, take a trowel and upturn … Read more

An application to the headmaster, requesting him to make arrangements for drinking water in the school.

To The Headmaster, S.D. high school. Devanagar. Sir, I beg to say that there is no satisfactory arrangement for drinking water in the school. Most of the taps are out of order. Only one tap is in working order. During the recess there is much jostling at the tap. Often there are quarrels too. Some … Read more

Name of Some parts of our Body | हमारे शरीर के कुछ अंगो के नाम

शब्द अर्थ Arm बाजू Back पीठ Beard दाढ़ी Armpit बगल Backbone रीढ़ Belly उधर,पेट Blood खून Brain दिमाग Chest छाती Ear कान Eye आंख Foot पैर Finger अंगुली(हाथ) Forehead ललाट Hand हाथ Head सिर Intestine आंत Joint जोड़ Knee घुटना Lip ओंठ Lung फेफड़ा Moustache मूंछ Nail नाखून Nose नाक Pulse नब्ज Skin चमड़ी Sole … Read more

Some Family and Relations name | परिवार और रिश्तेदार सम्बंधित नाम

शब्द अर्थ Father पित Brother भाई Son बेटा, पुत्र Parent माता या पिता Issue सन्तान Grandson पोता,नाती Grandfather दादा,नाना Husband पति Nephew भतीजा,भानजा Father-in-law ससुर Son-in-law दामाद Uncle चाचा,काका,ताऊ,मामा,मौसा,फूफा Brother-in-law साला,जीजा, बहनोई,जेठ,देवर,नन्दोई,साढू Mother मां Sister बहन Daughter बेटी,पुत्री Child बच्चा Elder वयोवृद्ध Granddaughter पोती,नातिन Grandmother दादी,नानी Wife पत्नी Niece भतीजी, भानजी Mother-in-law सास Daughter-in-law पुत्रवधु … Read more

Name of Some fruits and vegetables | कुछ फलों और सब्जियों के नाम

शब्द अर्थ Almond बादाम Apricot खुबानी Beet चुकन्दर Berry सरसफल Cashewnut काजू Cauliflower फूल गोभी Cucumber ककड़ी,खीरा Fig अंजीर Ginger अदरक Guava अमरूद Lemon नीम्बू Mint पुदीना Mulberry शहतूत Onion प्याज Apple सेब Banana केला Brinjal बैंगन Carrot गाजर Cabbage बन्दगोभी Coconut नारियल Date खजूर Garlic लहसुन Grape अंगूर Jackfruit कटहल Mango आम Musk-melon खरबूजा … Read more

Name of Some birds and animals | कुछ पक्षी तथा पशु के नाम

शब्द अर्थ Ant चींटी Bat चमगादड़ Bee मधुमक्खी Butterfly तितली Calf बछड़ा Cat बिल्ली Crane सारस Crocodile मगरमच्छ Dog कुत्ता Dove फाख्ता, सुग्गी Eagle उकाब Fish मछली Flea पिस्सू Fox लोमड़ी Goat बकरी Gnat डांस Hare खरहा Horse घोड़ा Jackal गीदड़ Kite चील Ass गधा Bear भालू Bull सांड Beaver ऊदबिलाव Camel ऊंट Cock मुर्गा … Read more