Short paragraph on how to Get A Railway Reservation

to get a railway reservation is becoming easier day by day. First of all, we should present ourselves at the railway reservation office. Then, a railway reservation form is taken. It is made available free of cost. Afterward, this form is filled up giving the name of the passengers. Their age, date of journey, name, … Read more

Short paragraph on how to Prepare Tea

To prepare tea is an easy job. First of all, the needed material and utensils are collected. Next, a kettle is taken and water is pour into it after that, it is placed on the gas stove and boiled. Afterwards, tea-leaves are put into it. When the water becomes black, sugar is mixed into it. … Read more

short paragraph on how to Plant A Sapling

To plant a sapling is somehow a technical job. First, dig out a two feet deep and one-foot round hole in the ground. Then, give treatment to the soil. Mix anti-termite and anti-insect pesticides in moderate quantities in the soil. Leave it as it is for a few hours. Then, take a trowel and upturn … Read more

short paragraph on how to Send A Money Order

to send a money order, first of all, I procured a form. It required the following pieces of information—- sender’s name and address, the receiver’s name and address, the amount to be sent, the postal commission, A short message, the sender’s signature, etc. This form was duly filled up by me. Then, I went to … Read more

short paragraph on how to Get A Driving License Issued

To get a driving license issued, first of all, a person is to buy a form meant for this purpose. This form is duly filled up with the help of the road signal booklet given with the form. Attested copies (one each) for the residential and the identity proof are to be attached to the … Read more

Short paragraph on A Train Accident scene | English essays

I was going to Delhi by the mail train. It was a dark and cold night. The train was running fast. Bansko is a very small station. A long goods train was standing there. The lines of the mail train were not changed. The result was a serious accident. The mail train had run into … Read more