The Hare and the Tortoise story | moral stories for kids

A hare and a tortoise were friends. They met every day. They played together. The Hare was very proud. One day he made fun of the short legs of the tortoise. He said, “I can run fast. But you have short legs. How can you run with so short legs?” The tortoise could not bear this. It asked him to run a race. He agreed to do so.

The race began at once. The hare ran very fast. Soon he felt tired. He looked back. The tortoise was far behind. So he lay down under a tree to take a rest. Soon he was fast asleep.

the tortoise kept on moving slowly. It did not stop on the way. As a result, it reached the fixed place earlier than the Hare. The tortoise won the race. The Hare hung his head in shame.

Moral: slow and steady wins the race.

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